1 Department of periodontics Evaluation of efficacy of tetracycline fibers, diode laser with SRP in chronic periodontitis patients Major Dr. K. Ravindra Hemanth Dr.Harikishan
2 Department of periodontics Evaluation of one stage disinfection verses two stage disinfection in chronic periodontitis patients with type II diadetis mellitus Major Dr. Mohan Krishna Reddy.v Dr.Harikishan
3 Department of periodontics Assessment of stress, periodontal health and its association with salivary coirtisol level in prison inmates of Rajahmundry central jail. Major Dr. Priyanka Vattivella Dr.Rupasree
4 Department of periodontics Comparative clinical evaluation of PRP and PRF in combination with modified coronally advanced flap for treatment of gingival recessions: 6months study. Major Dr. Deepthi kothari Dr.Harikishan
5 Department of periodontics Assessment of salivary leptin concentrations in patients with chronic Periodontitis patients before and after treatment. Major Dr. Mounika Sura Dr.Harikishan
6 Department of periodontics Comparative evaluation of  1.2% rosuvastatin gel versus 1% alendronate gel in adjuvant to non surgical periodontal therapy in patients with chronic periodontitis Major Dr. Y.Sindhuri Dr.Rupasree
7 Department of periodontics LASERS in periodontics Minor Dr.K. Ravindra Hemanth Dr.Rupasree
8 Department of periodontics Biomarkers in periodontal diseases Minor Dr.Mohan Krishna reddy V Dr Nishantoury
9 Department of periodontics Roles of viruses in periodontal diseases Minor Dr.Priyanka Vattivella Dr.Rupasree
10 Department of periodontics Advanced diagnostic aids Minor Dr.Deepthi kothari Dr Nishantoury
11 Department of periodontics Host modulation therapy Minor Dr.Mounika Sura Dr.Harikishan
12 Department of periodontics Osseointegration Minor Dr.Y. Sindhuri Dr.Harikishan